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Here at Home Stay Comfort Care, we specialize in peeling away the stress of family caregivers. Being a family caregiver is difficult, especially when you are responsible of taking care of aging parents and raising children. We are here to help members of the sandwich generation and professionals who must work full time, run a business, while simultaneously taking care of themselves, their families, and aging parents. 

Our daily goal is to create positive experiences for our clients through an endless string of the needs we have identified and the daily promises we keep. We focus on positive client experiences every hour of every day. 

Aminata kamara, Chief Comfort Caregiving Officer 

To support education and research to enhance our performance to continuously improve our services and yourselves.   


To advance the benefits of health care services in our communities and to make the best use of our God-given resources.


To improve the well-being of the people in our communities and to bring the best health care services and resources to our customers.


To provide care to the body, mind, and spirit of those entrusted to our care. To treat each other as we would want to be treated.


To honor our responsibilities to ourselves, our employer, and most importantly, the clients by using each of our individual skill sets to the best of our ability in the service of our fellow man and woman.






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No minimum hours of care

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you can pick and choose how care will be delivered

we provide fully and professionally coordianted supportive living care around the clock for as low as $12/hour

our staff memebers are chosen for their maturity,  experiences, and qualifications

You pick the hourly rate and payment that suits your budget

We start care within 4 hours of your call

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